Pride in Russia – Opportunity or Madness?

Break Out Session Round #5


We propose to change the shape and make it more lively and interesting for the viewer. We will make a video for 30 minutes. In the video, activists answer simple questions about why they do prides, what the pride means for them, what they expect from prides, how to do it in Russia, what are they afraid of, and so on. 1) this form is an attempt to show reality, and not just tell about it. 2) we will continue to maintain an interest in this experience. This video is uncensored, without embellishing the situation. This is not a professional video, but rather a friendly discussion of why and why we are doing Pride.


Valentina Likhoshva


Project Coordinator BarentsPride in Russia

Olga Baranova 

She/Her and They/Them

Project Coordinator, OpenArt 

Natalia Donskova 


Activist from EDP

Tatiana Vinnichenko 


Director of MCC

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