Stories of hope from Asia Pacific

Break Out Session Round #1


Asia Pacific has both some of the harshest and most progressive LGBTIQ+ laws in the world.  

In recent years there has been some wonderful wins – from same-sex relationship recognition in Taiwan, decriminalisation in Bhutan and Palau, intersex rights in India, to tackling conversion therapy and in Australia and NZ – but also alarming regression in some countries and stagnation on key human rights across large parts of the region. A life without fear of violence and state sanctioned discrimination remains out of reach for LGBTIQ+ people almost everywhere.  

Hear from the brave activists at the forefront of these campaigns working to ensure LGBTIQ+ people are free and equal in rights and dignity.  


Anna Brown


CEO, Equality Australia

Midnight Poonkasetwattan


Executive Director, APCOM

Dr. Elizabeth Kerekere


Member of Parliament, New Zealand Parliament 

Gopi Shankar Madurai


Jennifer Lu


Ymania Brown


Co-Secretary General, ILGA World 

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