The Language We Use: Global Pride & Black Erasure

Break Out Session Round #2


A candid fireside chat with LGBTQ activists in the African diaspora about their contrasting experiences with gender, being same-gender-loving, or queerness during a fractured effort to globalize an LGBTQIA+ political lexicon. 


Erykah Gasaida Werner

Rwandan-Canadian LGBTIQ activist and Membership Services Manager at Égides

Richard Bradford Bell

Albuquerque Pride Director of Diversity and Inclusion and InterPride’s Human Rights & Diversity Co-Chair 

Alicia Kazonbinka

Burundian-Canadian Black Trans activist and speaker, Former spokesperson, Massimadi Foundation 

James Felton Keith

CEO of Inclusion Corporation, the ISO-30415 Standard for D&I and Founder of multiple LGBT Chambers of Commerce 

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