‘Victimisation and hate crime against LGBTI people: The importance of data collection, training and prevention activities’

Break Out Session Round #1


The EU LGBTI Survey II shows that 2 in 5 respondents say they were harassed the year before the survey and 1 in 5 trans and intersex people were physically or sexually attacked in the five years before the survey, double that of other LGBTI groups. Moreover, we see that the willingness to report is very low, even though in most countries the rights awareness is high.  

How can correct data collection, training and recording procedures equip relevant partners to contribute to change? What is the role of a national government, a civil society organisation, or the police? How can professionals in law enforcement, governments and civil society organisations be supported in their work against hate crimes and in encouraging reporting? 



Juul van Hoof


Programme Officer – Seconded National Expert, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)


Tudor Taba


Assistant, Council of Europe

Jean-François Cannoot 


General Manager, RainbowHouse Brussels

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