Plenary #3: Transnational Partnerships in the Time of COVID19


In a world of inequality, transnational partnerships are inevitably complicated.  On the one hand is the potential for cross-border solidarity and aligning national concerns with a transnational movement. And on the other is an imbalance in access to resources, including the media.  This is further complicated by the geo-politics of queer activism and the accusation that LGBTI+ rights are a foreign interference.  International solidarities risk discrediting national projects by being cast as ‘outside influence’.  When partnerships develop in response to an unfolding crisis, or human rights abuse, they tend to be temporary and dissolve when the crisis has passed. The COVID19 pandemic has exposed the fault lines of inequality within the LGBTI+ movement. It has also opened new avenues for connection, and solidarity across borders.  Drawing on developments in Panama and Egypt, this panel will explore the limits and possibilities of transnational partnerships in the time of COVID19.  



Graeme Reid

Director of LGBT Rights Program, Human Rights Watch


Cristian González Cabrera

LGBT Rights Americas, Human Rights Watch

Rasha Younes

Researcher, LGBT Rights Middle East / North Africa, Human Rights Watch 

Pau González

Co-founder, Hombres Trans Panamá (Trans Men Panama)


Human Rights activist from Egypt


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