Plenary #2: The Landscape LGBTI+ Refugee and Forced Migration – Global Issues and Solutions


In addition to the global context of 70 countries criminalizing same sex intimacy, we are in the middle of a global refugee crisis – with 80 million people displaced – the largest number since World War 2. At the same time there are a network of activists and organizations pushing for solutions. Building off a recent UNHCR covening on LGBTI+ refugees, with perspectives from various parts of the world, this session will discuss what civil society and government must do to address the situation. 



Kimahli Powell


Executive Director, Rainbow Railroad


Frank Mugisha

Executive Director, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)

Mariano Ruiz 

Project Coordinator, Fundación Amal Argentina

Eliana Rubashkyn

Forcibly Displaced People Network

Craig Paris

Executive Director, Refugee Coalition of East Africa (RefCEA)


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