Recommendations to the benefit of transgender children in view of legislative, familial and cultural support

Break Out Session Round #5


It is a fundamental human right to express and live a gender identity based on self-determination. This applies to any age; however, children have a special need as they rely on guardians and authorities to protect them. Recent peer-reviewed publications suggest initiatives in family support, legal protection and healthcare of transgender children.

Some countries and regions seem to limit access to treatment and recognition due to either culture, restrictive legislation or an apathetic healthcare system. What recommendations can we make to those countries to increase mental health and quality of life for these children?


Helge Sune Nymand 


Vice-Chairperson, FSTB

Chiara Sgro


Member of Team GenderLens

Lui Asquith 


Legal, Policy and Operations Director of Mermaids

Annie Pullen Sansfacon


Professor (full)

Canada Research Chair on Transgender Children and their Families School of Social Work Université de Montréal

And Researcher at the Research Center on Public Health


Jo Hirst


Akani Shimange


Executive Director of Matimba

Ghassan Kassisieh


Legal Director, Equality Australia 

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