The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global intersex community

Break Out Session Round #2


The still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on people all around the world.

Many surveys on the impact of COVID-19 were developed and launched after the beginning of the crisis, but even when they addressed areas that are of particular concern for intersex people and their families, the still prevailing lack of awareness about intersex people and intersex lives makes it challenging for these surveys to collect meaningful data or to collect data at all. Many intersex people reported that the available COVID-19 surveys did not address the specific challenges created or aggravated for them by COVID-19.

This encouraged the international intersex community to take action. In this session we are presenting reports from 4 different regions – Africa, Asia, Europe and Central Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean, which show the impact of the pandemic specifically on the lives of intersex people and their families.


Obioma Chukwuike


Executive Director Intersex-Nigeria

Hiker Chiu 

No preference

Intersex Asia Chair & Executive Director

Irene Kuzemko 


Intersex activist, OII Europe

Gaby Gonzalez

First name/They/She  

 Coordinator and Human Rights Activist

Aeli Rubashkyn


Intersex programme officer at ILGA World

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