Øresund Declaration

The Øresund Declaration will be a major part of the legacy of Copenhagen 2021.

Øresund Declaration

The Øresund Declaration is a multi-level statement of intent for global LGBTI+ equality by 2030. It will be at the core of the legacy of Copenhagen 2021, ensuring the causes we highlight in August 2021 will have longevity long beyond our events.

Named after the Øresund Strait – and the iconic bridge by the same name – that connects Denmark and Sweden, the Declaration will be signed by politicians, global leaders, human rights organisations and other civil society groups to signal their commitment to LGBTI+ equality.

The Øresund Declaration will have several levels, in recognition that the struggle for LGBTI+ equality is different in every region of the world. The Declaration will be formally launched at the Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly taking place at the Danish parliament, Christiansborg Palace, as part of the Copenhagen 2021 Human Rights Forum.

The Declaration will be published on the morning of the Human Rights Conference, Tuesday 17 August.

Image: NASA

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