Sphere Session 12: QueerLAB

QueerLAB: Norm-critical design thinking for LGBTI workplace inclusion

QueerLAB combines the reflexive process of norm critique with action-oriented design thinking to produce novel ideas for LGBTI workplace inclusion. The research-based workshop format brings together people of diverse backgrounds with dfferent knowledge, experiences, and perspectives to explore and co-create solutions, policies, action strategies, etc. through a number of facilitated exercises. In short, as a participant you not only help identifying specific problems to the inclusion of LGBTI in workplace contexts; you also get to leave the workshop with a set of solutions ready for implementation in your own organisation.


Jannick Friis Christensen


Postdoctoral Researcher, Copenhagen Business School

Bontu Lucie Guschke


PhD Fellow, Copenhagen Business School

Kai Inga Liehr Storm


Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School

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