Sphere Session 6: Working On it

Norm-Critical Tools for Organizations

The focus on diversity and inclusion has become a key aspect of modern organisational development – not only to work actively to avoid outright discrimination in the workplace, but also to help the organisation develop and become more innovative.

Hiring people from different backgrounds has therefore become increasingly popular. However, when working with diversity, it is important to also remember to focus on inclusion: creating an environment where people can feel comfortable and encouraged to be who they are, and where each co-worker’s unique perspective, experience and talent is valued.

But changing organisational culture is not easy, so where does one start? In Scandinavia, more and more organisations have started turning to norm critical thinking as an answer to this question. It is an approach that strives to highlight the ways in which norms influence our values, choices and expectations and can be used as a great intersectional tool to work with diversity and inclusion in practice.

This workshop will therefore give an introduction to norm critical thinking and provide tools that can be used in an organisational setting to modify organisational culture, and help organisations turn good intentions into lasting change.   


Sabrina Vitting-Seerup


Diversity Consultant, PhD

Elin Ferm


Norm Critical Consultant

Rikke Voergård-Olesen


Norm Reflexive Consultant

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