Esport event cancelled

Esport event cancelled

Please note, this event has been cancelled.

When: Saturday 13 March 2021

What: 1v1 Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Who: Participants from Europe

What can you win? A free admission to one of the EuroGames tournaments in 2021 of your choosing and some Copenhagen 2021 merchandise

The admission fee: 6 Euros


BO3 – approximately 30 minutes

Random seeding

All matches will be played as soon as possible except semi-final and final.


Single elimination

Semi-finals will be played one after the other with a 10 minute break between. If the first semi ends with more than 10 minute to the next semi, the second semi will start at 19:30.


Round 1: 13:00 CET

Round 2: 13:45 CET

Round 3: 14:30 CET

Round 4: 15:15 CET

Round 5: 16:00 CET

Stream match 1 (Semi 1): 19:00 CET

Stream match 2 (Semi 2): 19:45 CET

Stream match 3 (Final): 20:30 CET

Restrictions and Rules

Although we would have wanted to be able to welcome players from all over the world, our servers can unfortunately not run fast enough. The tournament is therefore only available for players that live in Europe.

Be aware of how you speak to each other. This tournament wants to welcome all people and make every everyone feel that #YouAreInclueded. We therefore expect people not to ‘trash talk’ and be aware of offensive language. Read all rules here.

Additional dates

Further tournaments will take place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 June 2021. Further details will be published in due course.

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash