Lesbian Visibility Week: Maja Bach

Our colleague Maja from the Copenhagen Pride team tells us why Lesbian Visibility Week matters

Lesbian Visibility Week: Maja Bach

Today is Lesbian Visibility Day, and the last day of Lesbian Visibility Week.

Hi Maja! Why is Lesbian Visibility Week important to you?

Women within the LGBTI+ community face some unique challenges, which are often ignored or overlooked. Lesbian Visibility Week is a great opportunity to draw attention to these issues and I think it has the potential to become an empowering factor for women across the acronym.

Do you have personal experience of feeling erased? What was that experience?

I cannot highlight any specific experiences of erasure. I think all women experience a certain level of erasure both within and outside the LGBTI+ community. So as a queer woman, I think you automatically experience structural challenges and misogyny specific to womanhood, as well as social stigma related to being queer. And I think the biggest issue here is that we are so used to these experiences that we do not always recognize them as erasure.

Copenhagen Pride has been championing visibility of all groups in the LGBTI+ community for many years. What lessons do you think other organisations can learn from Copenhagen Pride’s approach?

I think Copenhagen Pride has a team that is very focused on creating spaces for all groups and individuals within the community. Our work highlights that in order to be inclusive, you have to consider your own privilege and your position and actively use that to challenge norms that limit the opportunities of certain groups.

What aspects of Copenhagen 2021 are you particularly excited about in the way they will increase lesbian, bi and trans women’s visibility?

I very much look forward to experiencing the program that the Human Rights Team from Copenhagen Pride will put together in cooperation with Copenhagen 2021. The group has a strong focus on intersectionality and representation, and I really think this will be a key element in enhancing the visibility of queer women and bringing these perspectives into the public eye and debate.

Who is your lesbian or bi hero or inspiration?

I think there are so many queer women doing amazing work, and they are all huge inspirations in their own ways. My first queer icon, however, must have been Frida Kahlo, whose work I was introduced to in 7th grade. As an outspoken feminist, promoting self-love and living with a disability, I think Frida’s life and story serves as a great reminder to always fight for the right to live and love in our own ways.

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