Swedish support for Copenhagen 2021

The City of Malmö is now getting behind the Copenhagen bids for WorldPride and EuroGames

Swedish support for Copenhagen 2021

The City of Malmö has decided to support the Copenhagen bid to host WorldPride and EuroGames, two of the world’s largest LGBTQ events. The Danish organizers are pleased with the support from their neighbors.

–  From the outset, it has been our ambition to build bridges to the rest of the world. This collaboration with Malmö clearly demonstrates that our event now covers the entire region and reaches far beyond the Danish borders, says Lars Henriksen, chair of Copenhagen Pride.

Copenhagen 2021 is the name of the event that unites WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen in 2021. The City of Malmö has made a grant of 800,000 SEK to the bidding process, which will help pave the way for a successful Copenhagen bid for the two events.

WorldPride and EuroGames have never been held across country borders before, so the prospect of carrying out the event on both sides of Öresund excites the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen:

– Copenhagen 2021 is an incredible opportunity to show the rest of the world all the opportunities in Greater Copenhagen, says Frank Jensen (S). – I look forward to yet another occasion to wave the rainbow flag and emphasize that in Copenhagen, there’s a place for all of us. No matter who you are, and who you love.

According to the organizers, Copenhagen 2021 will attract thousands and tourists, so the event will likely strengthen the image of Greater Copenhagen as an LGBTQ friendly region with an open-minded attitude.

– As an open and tolerant city and a champion on issues of equality and human rights, it only seems right that Malmö engages in and contributes to hosting WorldPride and EuroGames, says the mayor of Malmö, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (S), in a press release. – I am looking forward to an inclusive celebration that strengthens our core value of equality, as well as our partnership with Copenhagen.

The details of how the City of Malmö will be involved in the event will be settled later, if Copenhagen secures the bid to host WorldPride and EuroGames.

Copenhagen 2021 is the global mega event that unites EuroGames and WorldPride for the first time ever. We invite the whole world to a spectacular celebration of sportsmanship, LGBTQ rights and love – wrapped up in a rainbow-colored pride party where #YouAreIncluded.