Meet Amazin LeThi

Meet the Ambassadors! This is the first in a series where you can learn a bit more about the brilliant people who are proud to support Copenhagen 2021.

Meet Amazin LeThi

We’re excited to introduce Amazin LeThi, who’s joined Copenhagen 2021 as an Ambassador. Amazin has an impressive track record in the world of sport, fighting homelessness and becoming a competitive bodybuilder, and working as a leading LGBTI+ sports and human rights advocate. 

Amazin’s pronouns are she/her. 

Hi Amazin! Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I’m an athlete and global LGBTQ+ advocate. In 2014, I became the first Asian athlete ambassador for Athlete Ally – a partner of Copenhagen 2021 – and in 2018 I was the first out Asian to appear in the Rainbow Laces campaign for Stonewall in the UK. In 2019, I was proud to become the first Asian athlete ambassador for Stonewall and, in 2020 I became the first Asian and LGBTQ+ official FIA Formula E judge, for their first ever Open Call Talent Presenter Search. I advise and speak to governments and companies all around the word about LGBTQ+ equality and most recently I was part of the ‘Out for Biden’ team as their LGBTQ+ and Asian communication digital advisor. 

Why is Copenhagen 2021 important to you? 

For the first time ever a WorldPride and EuroGames are together in the same event. It’s a very important moment in history for me to be part of such a large event as your Ambassador and represent the Asian LGBTQ+ community on a global stage and work with Copenhagen 2021 to bring awareness while highlighting the challenges and barriers Asian LGBTQ+ people face in society and sports.  

For the first time Asian LGBTQ+ people will see themselves represented at such a major LGBTQ+ festival and having EuroGames as part of it along with the other Asian athlete ambassador Jon Lee-Olsen together we can champion LGBTQ+ sports equality across Europe for Asian athletes at EuroGames which has never happened before. 

What aspects of Copenhagen 2021 are you particularly excited about in the way they will increase LGBTI+ athletes visibility? 

I’m really excited about EuroGames, the Sports Leader Conference and the 1:1 Democracy Festival and the conversations we can have around sports equality and how we can amplify Asian LGBTQ athletes. I feel the other areas of Copenhagen 2021 will also present opportunities for different ways we can increase LGBTQ+ athlete visibility. 

Why did it feel important to you to become an Ambassador for Copenhagen 2021?

I’m excited to become an ambassador for Copenhagen2021 and represent the Asian LGBTQ community. As an advocate and athlete this will be an amazing opportunity to work in unison with Copenhagen2021, WorldPride and EuroGames, to champion diversity and inclusion across WorldPride and sport to highlight the challenges and barriers Asian LGBTQ people face in society and sports. Together we can be a #VoiceWithAction!

Thanks Amazin! 

You can learn more about Amazin and follow her work by clicking here.