New partner for the Human Rights Forum

Copenhagen 2021 has signed a partnership with PGA to strengthen the impact of the Human Rights Forum

New partner for the Human Rights Forum

Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) and Copenhagen 2021 have signed an ambitious partnership around the Human Rights Forum. Together we will strive to make the Inter-parliamentary Plenary Assembly an impactful and successful event.

For this event we will invite elected officials from all over the world to come to Copenhagen to discuss the LGBTI+ Human Rights Agenda. Copenhagen 2021 acknowledges that partnerships with highly professional organizations strengthen the LGBTI+ Human Rights Forum and facilitate the important follow-up on outcomes in order to maximize impact.

“Copenhagen 2021 is excited to work together with PGA to set up an ambitious program for the Inter-parliamentary Plenary Assembly in 2021 and bring elected officials from every continent to Copenhagen and engage them in a program on how to carry the global LGBTI+ agenda to a new level”, Director of Human Rights at Copenhagen 2021, Aron le Fevre says.

Promoting equality for all

Parliamentarians for Global Action is the largest transnational network of individual parliamentarians with over 1200 members in 136 countries advocating for human rights.

“Parliamentarians for Global Action is excited to partner with Copenhagen 2021 to highlight the role of parliamentarians in advancing the human rights and inclusion of LGBTI+ people during World Pride 2021. We look forward to working together in the lead up to the Inter-Parliamentary Plenary and supporting each other’s strategic actions to promote equality for all!”, Parliamentarians for Global Action states.

Human rights will be the overarching theme for Copenhagen 2021, where WorldPride and EuroGames will be celebrated at the same time. The Copenhagen 2021 Human Rights Forum will be an international LGBTI+ experience consisting of multiple high-level events and a broader program open to the public.

The Human Rights Forum will consist of a larger conference, a democracy festival for the public and the Inter-parliamentary Plenary Assembly all focusing on LGBTI+ issues.

Copenhagen 2021 will take place in Copenhagen and Malmö, August 12-22 in 2021.