Pan Idræt will host EuroGames 2021

Pan Idræt  will host EuroGames 2021

Copenhagen has been chosen as the host city of the rainbow sporting event EuroGames in 2021. WorldPride will take place in the city at the same time for both events to merge into one mega-event by the name of Copenhagen 2021.

– We are incredibly proud that athletes from all over Europe have voted for us to host EuroGames, and for Copenhagen to be the host city of this rainbow sporting event, says Christian Bigom, chair of Pan Idræt, the organization that produced the winning bid.

The decision was made at the annual general assembly of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF). The bid from Pan Idræt lays out a vision for EuroGames in Copenhagen to have competitions and tournaments in more than 25 sports, a conference for sports activists to foster a more diverse and inclusive athletic community and many cultural events as well.

EuroGames will be celebrated in parallel with WorldPride for the two events to merge into one global mega-event by the name of Copenhagen 2021. Organizers believe it will attract more than 500,000 visitors.

A historic event

When Copenhagen 2021 takes place, it will be the first time in history that WorldPride and EuroGames are celebrated as a joint event. The organizers believe this brings along some unique opportunities:

– We are inviting people from all over the world to Copenhagen for a massive celebration of love, sportsmanship, and diversity, says Lars Christian Østergreen, CEO of Copenhagen 2021. – With two events of this magnitude, we are creating a modern milestone in our fight for equal rights and bringing together people for 11 days of human rights debates, sporting events, open-air concerts, and parties.  

He also notes that Copenhagen 2021 will build bridges and break down barriers by taking place in both Copenhagen and Malmö.

Broad political support

The vision to host EuroGames and WorldPride in Copenhagen and Malmö has gained broad political support. On behalf of his center-right government, Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen signed a letter of support for the efforts, and the center-left Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and all six Deputy Mayors from six political parties did so too.

– I am proud that Copenhagen is once again chosen as the host city of a massive and inclusive event. I am looking forward to showing off the sports facilities of Greater Copenhagen to athletes from all over the world and fighting for everyone’s right to do sports in safe and secure surroundings, says Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen. – Copenhagen 2021 will without a doubt put Copenhagen on the map, attract tourists to our city and put equal rights on the agenda.  

Copenhagen is a welcoming and progressive destination

Denmark has historically been a champion of equality. The country was the first to legalize same-sex unions in 1989 and the first country to de-pathologize transgender people in 2017. Being a trailblazer on these issues were among the reasons that Lonely Planet named Copenhagen the most LGBTQ friendly destination in 2017.

– We are incredibly proud that Copenhagen has been chosen as the host city of EuroGames 2021. Copenhagen has a strong history of supporting and promoting LGBTQ rights and by hosting both EuroGames and WorldPride in 2021, the city reaffirms its position as one of the world’s most progressive and welcoming destinations for all kinds of travelers. We look forward to welcoming visitors and to showcasing Copenhagen as a safe and friendly city, says Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen.

Copenhagen 2021 will take place August 12–22, 2021.

Copenhagen Pride and Pan Idræt invite the whole world to a global mega-event that combines WorldPride and EuroGames in the same city, at the same time, for the first time ever.