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The #YouAreIncluded podcast from Copenhagen 2021 fills your ears every Thursday with inclusive discussions about sport, human rights, arts and culture, and Pride.

Hosted by cultural historian Anders Larsen – aka drag artist Chantal al Arab – with diverse and international guests, each episode focuses on a different element of Copenhagen 2021. Expect interviews, discussions, audio tours, event previews and a whole lot more.

Episode 7: Partnerships and Equal Marriage

This week we’re hearing wedding bells…

On Sunday 21 February, Jana and Lilita from Latvia celebrate the second anniversary of their wedding at Copenhagen City Hall. You’re going to hear all about their wedding day, as well as gain some insights into marriage equality and LGBTI+ rights in Latvia. You’ll also find out about WorldPride Weddings at Copenhagen 2021 from Jesper, who is head of the Wedding Office at Copenhagen City Hall.

Our snippet this week features Sandra, otherwise known as Mighty Mounty, who tells us all about Malmö’s roller derby team, Crime City Rollers.

Special thanks to Jana and Lilita, Sandra, and Jesper for taking part!

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  • Exclusive interview: Antonio Hysén (Thursday 4 March)
  • International Women’s Day (Thursday 11 March)
  • A walk around WorldPride (Thursday 18 March)
  • A walk around EuroGames (Thursday 25 March)

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Host: Anders Larsen
Producer: Anders Guldberg
Coordinator: Jemma Tracey

Produced by hearHEAR for Copenhagen 2021

Main image: Jana and Lilita marrying in Copenhagen in 2019.

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