Politicians excited for WorldPride 2021

Politicians excited for WorldPride 2021

Copenhagen has been granted WorldPride 2021! We’re so excited about the prospect of welcoming the world to Copenhagen, but we’re also incredibly overwhelmed by the hype this has caused in Denmark and around the world. We knew we had some great people supporting our efforts, but never had we imagined that winning the bid for WorldPride would cause such a stir! Wow!

To thank you all, we wanted to highlight some of the greetings that we’ve received from officials around Greater Copenhagen, who are also looking forward to welcoming you all in a few years!

I am proud that Copenhagen has been granted WorldPride. Copenhagen and all of Greater Copenhagen flies the rainbow flag proudly. I am looking forward to work with the organizers to create a fantastic event that will put our city on the map and show that Copenhagen is for everyone. 

Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

I am sure that the organizers will deliver a spectacular event, and we will do our best to support them in doing so. Denmark has been at the forefront of LGBTI equality for decades, and by hosting this event we will once again throw our full weight behind the important notion that LGBTI rights are human rights.  

Karen Ellemann, Minister of Equality

WorldPride 2021 will be an inclusive party for everyone! Malmö is an open, global and modern city that is welcoming towards everyone. It is awesome that WorldPride will be hosted in our region. We will be working with the organizers to make this an incredible event on both sides of Öresund.

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Mayor of Malmö:

Human rights and activism in a small, cold country won over “fun in the sun” in Florida. When Copenhagen hosts WorldPride 2021, this will be an opportunity to fight for everyone’s right to live and love freely. 

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Chairman of the Capital Region of Denmark

WorldPride 2021 will take place in Copenhagen! Skåne has a long tradition of working with the LGBTQ movement to create a tolerant region. WorldPride 2021 is an important milestone in this ambition, and we will do everything we can to contribute to a succesful event on both sides of Öresund. 

Henrik Fritzon, Chairman of Skåne Regional Council