Partnership & Sponsorship Ethics Policy

We have a high ethical standard that we apply in considering a potential partner or sponsor

Partnership & Sponsorship Ethics Policy

Happy Copenhagen – the host organisation of Copenhagen 2021 WorldPride and EuroGames – values the active participation of corporate partners and sponsors who provide essential support, resources and finances to enable us to deliver our events.

As an organisation rooted in equality and human rights, our values run through everything that we do and this includes our partnership and sponsorship agreements. We have a high ethical standard that we apply in considering a potential partner or sponsor, and we expect those partners and sponsors with whom we work to maintain this ethical standard. All partners and sponsors must have a published statement demonstrating their commitment to LGBTI+ equality in their organisation.

An authentic commitment to LGBTI+ equality cannot be viewed through a narrow lens that excludes other human rights, social justice and equality issues, and our ethical standard reflects our unwavering commitment to the widest spectrum of equality and human rights causes.

Partners and sponsors do not influence the policy or operation of Happy Copenhagen. In view of our commitment to transparency, all partners and sponsors are listed in full on our website.

We will not enter into partnership or sponsorship arrangements with companies who:

  • Manufacture or promote tobacco products
  • Manufacture or sell weapons or arms unless they are manufactured solely for recreational purposes (i.e. sport shooting) and subject to controlled sale to avoid their purchase by individuals, regimes or organisations with malintent
  • Promote alcohol in a way that does not meet standards set by the Danish government in relation to consumption, advertising, marketing and age of sale
  • Manufacture products in countries where homosexuality is illegal unless the company has a stated policy and provides support to LGBTI+ advocacy organisations in that country
  • Financially, verbally or in any other way support regimes or organisations that violate human rights
  • Directly or indirectly violate the European Convention on Human Rights or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Directly or indirectly violate recognised international treaties or standards on the protection of the environment
  • Engage in unethical profiteering schemes or lending practices that target those with a low socio-economic status

This is not an exhaustive list and an assessment will be made on each potential partner or sponsor.

For further information on becoming a partner or sponsor of Copenhagen 2021, please email

Partners and Sponsors

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