The Spanish Tourist Office in Copenhagen joins this important celebration of tolerance and diversity across borders.


TURESPAÑA, the public body responsible for the promotion of Spain as a tourism destination all over the world, hereby disseminates an image of our country that includes all our values, while embracing equality for all, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. In Denmark, we have the Den Spanske Stats Turistbureau, the office we would like to encourage you to get in touch with for any matter related to tourism in Spain.

This office has a wonderful team of professionals who share our belief in equality for all, regardless of social and racial backgrounds, gender identity or sexual orientation.

TURESPAÑA, as a public institution of the Spanish state, shares this commitment to the values of the LGBTI+ community of equality and inclusion—a commitment that we expressly give voice to on the occasion of the celebration of WorldPride & EuroGames 2021 in Copenhagen and Malmö.

Spain has long been one of the pioneering countries in adopting measures with great social and legal impact in the field of LGBTI+ rights, such as same-sex marriage, which was legalised in 2005, the right of same-sex couples to adopt, or the law recognising the right to gender identity for trans people, among others.

Without resting on our laurels, in Spain we continue to work towards a more egalitarian society where the LGBTI+ community can move about freely in all areas of society.

In this context, WorldPride and EuroGames 2021 is an exceedingly valuable opportunity to raise awareness regarding the situation and experience of the LGBTI+ community in Spain and to invite participants to see them first-hand in our country, with the assurance that they will all be very welcome in Spain.

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