Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility takes place on 31 March each year.

Trans Day of Visibility

31 March 2021

Today we celebrate all trans people!

It is vital to remember and recognise all trans people who have suffered because of bias against the trans community. But this day – Trans Day of Visibility – is about celebrating the positive aspects of being trans and raising awareness what it means to be trans. 

The Copenhagen 2021 theme #YouAreIncluded, is central to the work throughout the planning of WorldPride and EuroGames with the aim to oppose discrimination, stand against it and call it out. That means we also take a stand against all bias against the trans community. We want everyone to feel included and show the world what true inclusion looks like! 

Today we would like to take the opportunity to show you how trans people are included at all events taking place in Copenhagen and Malmö this August.

We live by our #YouAreIncluded theme, and we state our pronouns in every introduction, in emails, and on our website. There is no inclusion without everyone.

Copenhagen Pride was one of the early signatories to the #PrideWithTheT statement developed by the European Pride Organisers Association in 2019.

Pan Idræt is fully inclusive of trans athletes in all its groups and activities.

Our Fair Play Policy encourages trans athletes to compete in the category for their lived gender. We also have a category for non-binary athletes, so we don’t force them to choose Male or Female. 

All events in the Human Rights Forum will consider the rights of trans and gender non-confirming people in all ten thematic tracks; trans rights will also be a focus of the Øresund Declaration.

The Sports Leader Conference will consider how we can challenge the rising tide of discrimination against the participation of trans people in sport.

Our Signature Parties will be fully inclusive of everyone in the community.

Fluid Festival at Gammel Strand will be programmed entirely by and for women, trans and non-binary people. Men are welcome to attend, but the focus is on non-male identities.

Trans parents are included in our programming at Rainbow Children @ BLOX, and trans teenagers are invited to join events at Huset 2021.

In Malmö, WorldPride House will be a trans and gender non-conforming safe space.

At WorldPride House in Malmö trans issues will be raised in all tracks. Keep an eye on the program for details on upcoming events: Copenhagen 2021 app

Don’t miss the interesting discussion with trans activists and actors Saga Becker and May Lifshitz, about their lives, artistic work and wishes as visible trans women in last week’s episode of the #YouAreIncluded podcast.

Text: Anders Kungsman (He | Him | His)

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash