Host a Signature Party!

We want to hear from people interested in hosting a Signature Party during Copenhagen 2021

Host a Signature Party!

Copenhagen 2021 is host of WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö. Every night, we’ll invite LGBTI+ guests from all over the world to a Signature Party, and we’re seeking proposals from potential partners interested in hosting these prestigious events.

The parties must be open to all LGBTI+ guests participating in Copenhagen 2021. Each night from 14-21 August participants are invited to a Signature Party where we celebrate love and diversity. These spectacular parties will accommodate 1000-2000 people every night, with music that embraces diversity, in Copenhagen’s biggest LGBTI+ festival. 

Who can bid, and the process 

In Copenhagen 2021 our main goal is that everyone is included (our campaign is #YouAreIncluded), which is why anyone can bid as a Signature Party host, as long as you have a certain level of experience with hosting LGBTI+ events/parties, to ensure a high level of quality. Each party must be open to everyone in the community, and not just one gender, sexuality or age group for example.

In order to be considered as a potential Signature Party host, you must apply during our open call ending on 15 September and fulfil the requirements set by Copenhagen 2021. To make sure that the quality is at a high level, there will be a one-time fee per party of DKK12,500 from Sunday-Wednesday and DKK22,500 per party from Thursday-Saturday  (this also includes Saturday 14 August), paid directly to Copenhagen 2021. 

As mentioned, there will only be one Signature Party each night, which is why we recommend including a comprehensive concept description, in which preferred dates should be highlighted. The application should be sent to Lars Henriksen at Copenhagen 2021 no later than 15 September 2020.

After the deadline, a small Official Party Committee will evaluate all applications and select the eight Signature Party hosts. The committee will of course take the preferred dates into consideration, however we cannot guarantee that all wishes will be met. Once the hosts have been selected, a contract between Copenhagen 2021 and the host will be signed, no later than 30 September. 

Important information

It is not possible for Copenhagen 2021 to sponsor the official parties. However as a host, you will be able to take an entrance fee per ticket, with a maximum limit of DKK100 from Sunday-Wednesday, and a maximum limit of DKK150 from Thursday-Saturday (both Saturdays included), to cover all production expenses such as DJ bookings, performances, and venue decorations etc.

This means that every Signature Party host will administer their own ticket sales, but at the same time retain all profit from the ticket sales.

As an official partner to Copenhagen 2021, the parties will be advertised as part of the official program and we will refer/ link to the ticket sales for every party, through our different communication platforms (social media, mobile app, website, printed program etc.).

To make sure that the events are inclusive, we highly recommend the hosts to take into consideration accessibility when choosing venues. We require you to tell us in your bid if any of the venues you wish to use are not fully accessible, including to wheelchair users. All venues must have gender-neutral toilets throughout.


  • The music should aim for a broad audience and should therefore be mainstream.
  • From Sunday – Wednesday (15-18 August) the parties should accommodate 500+ guests
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday (14 and 19-21 August) the parties should accommodate 1000+ guests. 
  • Host requirements: 
    • Create a party concept that is inclusive to all LGBTI+ people and that goes hand in hand with Copenhagen 2021’s values: no to racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, fatphobia etc. 
    • Send a one page concept description no later than the deadline mentioned above to Lars Henriksen at
    • To sign and comply in accordance to the contract signed with Copenhagen 2021
    • Pay the host fee directly to Copenhagen 2021
    • Maintain contact and make sure to involve Copenhagen 2021 throughout the process
    • Venues must have gender neutral toilets and should be wheelchair accessible

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

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