Deaf LGBTQ+ Community

Break Out Session Round #3


Deaf people have challenges with accessible information and education and
faces double discrimination due being Deaf and LGBTQ+. Awareness about
Deaf LGTBQ+ people is very low, and people from this group tend to be more isolated and violated by their surroundings.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a valid tool
for Deaf LGBTQ+, but there is a long way to go. Deaf LGBTQ+ people are
unable to participate in various awareness-raising events, workshops, formal and informal gatherings for peers due linguistic barriers – because the norm is that there not are any Sign Language Interpreters available for LGBTQ+ people.

Our goal with the 2021 Human Rights Forum is to raise self-awareness and
awareness for all who wish to participate. We will use International Sign
Language at our own sub-events. Sign Language Interpreter using
International Signs will be provided during events at the 2021 Conference.


Joseph Murray


President, Equal human rights for deaf people

Helder Duarte


Disney Aguila


John Meletse


Fuyumi Yamamoto


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