Let’s unite under the rainbow

Copenhagen 2021 and our Rainbow Alliance work to make real changes for the LGBTI+ community

Let’s unite under the rainbow

“We’ve come far, but we haven’t reached our goals.”

That’s how briefly Danish LGBTI+ rights can be expressed.

Denmark has for more than 70 years pioneered political and legal initiatives benefiting LGBTI+ people. However, there’s still a long way before sexual and gender minorities experience the same level of safety, the same opportunities, and the access to social activities as everyone else.

One step forward, two steps back?

In other countries, things are much worse. This is how you can sum up the life conditions of LGBTI+ people:

“We’re very far from the finishing line—and we don’t know if we’ll ever reach it.”

And in some places, it could even sound like this:

“We’re farther from the finishing line than we used to be.”

But no matter how far or close we are from achieving full and equal rights for LGBTI+ people, the way to get there can be put as simply as this:

“It’s an effort we all need to make together.”

The Rainbow Alliance

To reach that goal, we have created the Rainbow Alliance.

In August 2021, WorldPride and EuroGames will take over Copenhagen and create the largest human rights event ever in Denmark. It all comes together as Copenhagen 2021 with the motto: #YouAreIncluded.

Copenhagen 2021 is a unique opportunity to put LGBTI+ rights on the agenda and build inclusive and tolerant communities all over the world.

#YouAreIncluded is aimed at the entire LGBTI+ community, as well as all of society: Government, civil society organizations, businesses, unions, foundations, and politicians; everyone can and must be a part of this if we are to succeed in building a society where no one is excluded based solely on their sexuality or gender identity.

Welcome to one of the world’s most diverse and inclusive communities under the rainbow! Welcome to Copenhagen 2021 and the Rainbow Alliance! Learn more about the Rainbow Alliance here

Contact the Rainbow Alliance

Helle Bjørnstrup, Fundraiser
+45 31 58 98 58