New venues ready for WorldPride in Malmö

New venues allow organisers to scale the event for COVID19 restrictions.

New venues ready for WorldPride in Malmö

31 March 2021

Parts of the WorldPride program in Malmö have been moved to new venues. This is good news for all Copenhagen 2021 visitors.

This year’s concerts and public events need to be able to adapt and follow the restrictions in connection with COVID19. Therefore, several of the biggest WorldPride events and activities will take place in one of Malmö’s most beautiful area which combines three parks in total: Slottsparken, Kungsparken and Mölleplatsen.

The venues provide the possibility to adapt to the restrictions being in place in August 2021 and can create a safe experience for visitors. Located close to WorldPride House it is just a stone’s throw away from Malmö central station.

The parks’ fine green and large areas make it possible to spread out the Stages and plan for new exciting arts and cultural experiences. The move concerns WorldPride Square and some of the WorldPride Park activities and events.

“We’re super happy to be working on a scalable event where we have the opportunity to adapt to any potential restrictions Sweden might still have in August. The event area is amazing. I am so happy to work with such a competent team that has developed a method that works in these challenging times,” said Anna Tenfält, Managing Director of Malmö Pride and the lead on WorldPride events in Malmö.

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Image: Malmö stad