Here's information on our plans to make Copenhagen 2021 accessible to deaf and disabled visitors


When we say #YouAreIncluded, we mean it. We want to ensure that Copenhagen 2021 provides a space for everyone in the LGBTI+ community including deaf and disabled people to raise awareness, campaign and celebrate.


Our volunteer stewards, known as Includers, will be wearing bright red clothing so you can easily identify them. They are there to help and they will have been given training on how to help and support visitors who have a disability or other special needs. They will all be carrying official Copenhagen 2021 identification.

We also have Includer roles for people who have a disability. Find out more about being an Includer.


The WorldPride Parades in Copenhagen and Malmö will both have a section specifically for anyone who is deaf or disabled, and their carers. It will be close to the front of each Parade, and the groups before and after the space will not be playing music or making loud noises, though we can’t guarantee that the spectators won’t create noise.

We will ensure that the Accessibility Section can easily leave the Parade at the end of the route and make its way to the viewing platform (see below).

The Accessibility Sections will be supported by our Includers, and support animals are welcome.

Further information on where to join the Accessibility Sections will be published in July.

Parade walk-through

On Friday 19 August we will host a walk-through of the WorldPride Parade route from Axel Møllers Have to WorldPride Square. This is for anyone who wants to walk the route beforehand, but it is arranged particularly for people with conditions such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, to help them familiarise themselves with the route. Information will be published in July.

Sign Language Interpretation

There will be International Sign Language interpretation at the WorldPride stages in Copenhagen and Malmö, at the Fluid Festival in Copenhagen, at WorldPride House in Malmö, at all Human Rights Forum events, and at all spoken word events that we organise.

In Copenhagen we’re working with LGBTI+ deaf organisation Tegnbuen, and they have created a dedicated Facebook Page for deaf visitors to Copenhagen 2021.

Viewing platform

At WorldPride stages in Copenhagen and Malmö there will be a viewing platform with seating area and a good view of the main stage. There will be water for assistance dogs, and charging points for electric wheelchairs.

Please note that the viewing platforms are not covered, so please bring an umbrella and hat to give protection should we have rain showers, bright sunlight or very hot weather.

Quiet space

If you need a break away from the hustle and bustle of the main activities, we recommend Arcadia, our Meeting Place in City Hall Garden in Copenhagen, where you can relax. There is no loud music in this space.

There will be a dedicated quiet space at the WorldPride House in Malmö. This will be open every day throughout the event.

Strobe lighting

Strobe lighting may be used at the WorldPride stages in Copenhagen and Malmö and at Fluid Festival in Copenhagen.


In Copenhagen we will have accessible, gender-neutral toilets at WorldPride Square, Fluid Festival and the Sports Village in Copenhagen.

In Malmö we will have accessible, gender-neutral toilets at Folkets Park, WorldPride Park, WorldPride House, main stage, and WorldPride Boulevard.


In July we will publish details of the nearest accessible parking spaces to the various locations being used during Copenhagen 2021.

Audio Guides

We will publish audio guides to the Parades and of the timings of our stages. These will be available in early August.

External venues

We require all external venues hosting official events (such as the venues for our Signature Parties) to be fully accessible and to have accessible toilets.

We are not responsible for accessibility at non-official events or venues, and urge you to contact the organiser or venue directly for information.

Questions or ideas?

We’d love to hear from you to answer any questions you might have, or to hear your ideas on how we can make the event as accessible as possible. Please contact us.

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