Want to volunteer at Copenhagen 2021?

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Want to volunteer at Copenhagen 2021?

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Copenhagen 2021 wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. In 2021 more than 3000 volunteers will create one of the biggest LGBTI+ events in the world for more than 750,000 guests and 6,500 athletes right in the middle of Copenhagen and Malmö.

Roles and opportunities
When logging in to our volunteer system you can see all available opportunities – note that more roles will come as we come closer to the event.
Most of the shifts takes place during the event (12-22 August 2021) and will be located in Copenhagen and/or Malmö, but there are also opportunities to engage as a long-term volunteer

What does it take for me to volunteer?
We won’t hide the fact that volunteering at Copenhagen 2021 can be hard work, and you should expect to get sweat on your head along the way. On the other hand, volunteering is incredibly rewarding and meaningful and you become part of one of the world’s largest LGBTI+ event!

To be a volunteer at Copenhagen 2021 you have to give a minimum of 12 hours work (2 shifts), but if you can do more, then of course we are very interested!

What do I get from being a volunteer?
When we talk to volunteers about why they signed up, what we usually hear is:

  • I get a professional benefit from it
  • It is fun to work on something meaningful with others
  • I develop personally
  • I meet new people and become part of new communities
  • It is good for my resumé
  • I can use my skills to do something good for a good cause

As a little extra bonus, all volunteers receive:

  • Food and drinks when working
  • A clothing package equal to the number of hours they contribute
  • A sustainable drinking bottle
  • Discount at selected bars and restaurants
  • Unique activities before, during and after the event

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Need more information?
If you like to fint out more more about volunteering at Copenhagen 2021 click here. You are also welcome to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Nicolai Kehling

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