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About being a volunteer

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Copenhagen 2021

Copenhagen 2021 is the first ever combined celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames. The event will be packed with spectacular and exciting activities, conferences, presentations and debates. Together we celebrate the LGBTI+ community and focus on human rights, gender equality and inclusion. But the event is not possible without volunteers – and we hope you’ll consider joining our team!

Our volunteer community

Everyone who wants to help create the best and safest environment for the guests at Copenhagen 2021 can sign up to volunteer. In return we promise unique experiences, co-creation, love and a whole lot of fun together with more than 3,000 volunteers!

Social events

Throughout the year, we host different social events for volunteers and people who are interested in signing up. We hope that you want to participate in the events, so we all can meet each other and create a unique and powerful volunteer community.

Events in 2020

  • 8 August – Summer Picnic – registration
  • 19 September – World Clean Up Day (Trash gathering in Copenhagen) – registration here
  • 11 October – Culture Race – Copenhagen 2021 edition
  • 29 November – Board Games Day
  • 5 December – Christmas Event

Note that all events take place in Copenhagen and the spoken languages will be Danish and English.

For more information about each event please check our Facebook page or contact volunteer coordinator Nicolai Kehling by email at volunteer@copenhagen2021.com.

What are you supporting by volunteering at Copenhagen 2021?

By volunteering at Copenhagen 2021 you will be part of an organization and community that furthers LGBTI+ rights, diversity and equality. Copenhagen and Malmö will provide the setting, but our ambition is to make a difference for people all over the world.

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